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Online service for recovering Outlook Express emails

How to recover Outlook Express online

To recover an Outlook Express folder containing emails online:

  1. Press the Select file button, then select the corrupted DBX file in which Outlook Express stores emails
  2. Enter your email address
  3. Press the Continue button
  4. Wait for the emails to be extracted from the corrupted Outlook Express DBX file
  5. Download the archive containing the emails that have been extracted from the DBX file and saved in EML format
  6. Move the corrupted DBX file from the Storage Folder to another place
  7. Run Outlook Express
  8. Click on the corrupted folder in the left-hand Outlook panel. A new DBX file will be created in the Storage Folder
  9. Press Ctrl + A to highlight all the emails that were extracted during step 5 in Windows Explorer
  10. Drag and drop the highlighted emails to the Outlook Express folder

You can now recover Outlook Express folders on any device with a browser.